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EHRchain is a blockchain based solution for EHR that puts the patient in control of their data.  A standards based open protocol allows service providers access on a permission basis without the need to reenter data.   Anonymous data can be shared with researchers and other third parties with the patients consent.   A single version of a person’s medical history will lead to a truly personalized approach to medicine.  The patient controlled access makes the platform both HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

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Core Concepts

Patient – A patient must have a valid identity before showing ownership.  This starts with a unique identifier and a set of attributes (name, address, etc.)  A private key is assigned to the patient which is used to grant access to their records.

Record – A medical record will be stored encrypted on the blockchain in a standard format.

Private – Information stored is kept private and made available with permission of the owner.  Patient has complete control over their information.  Nobody will be able to profit from their personal information.

Access – Providers that need access to the record can be granted access by the owner.  The control is in the hands of the patient.



The EHRChain allows for all these concepts to come together on the blockchain.  This token is a combination of existing standards and new functionality allowing interoperability and adoption of future standards.

OmegaPoint® is a private blockchain that has several advantages over existing public blockchains, including fast transactions, no fees and friendly to the environment.  It was developed in 2018 by OmegaPoint Partners LLC in order to facilitate a blockchain that could be used by social impact companies.  It has become known as the “Social Impact Blockchain” with several implementations in use today.

The platform consists of a mobile app, blockchain and number of open protocols for signed messages and message flow.


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